Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the total investment required?

$30 – $50k including the Franchise fee ($10k less for first 5 awarded)

What are the Royalties?
1% Royalties (on gross sales)
Do you have a Marketing Fee?
1% Brand Fee (on gross sales)
Are there any additional fees?
There is a technology and support fee (TSF) of $850 per month for the first person ($500 for each additional person). This includes access to all our bespoke software and also covers the cost of the Ground Support.
What is Ground Support?
This is our team in Ireland who look after your guests from the point of sale onwards. Booking the trips, liaising with suppliers for the best rates, loading these into our systems for you to use, offering a concierge service to the guests, handling payments, 24 hour on tour support, etc.
Is there a minimum number of hours per week required?

It’s your business so you will get out of it what you put in. Our proven sales model is based on 40 hours per week and we would suggest at least 30 hours per week at the minimum, but you will decide what works best for you. We provide you with a license to operate a Sheenco Travel franchise with all training and support included but you will decide how hard you will work to grow the business. Remember though, it is always better to “Work to live instead of living to work”. We want you to find your own work-life balance.

What is a Proven Sales System?

With over a decade of experience we have developed and refined a proven sales system on how to work your leads for the best possible conversion rates which is covered in the training and coaching you will receive. We currently have an overall conversion rate of over 16% with a conversion rate of over 26% for Plan My Trip Leads. This jumps to almost 100% for repeat guests and referrals. 

Can I keep my current job?
The short answer is yes, as long as there is no conflict of interest. However, as per the number of hours you put in, the more you put into your new opportunity with Sheenco Travel the more you will get out of it.
Do I need a background in travel?
Not at all! Some of our most successful luxury travel specialists have come from entirely different industries so if you are looking for a new career path you may have found it!
Do I need sales skills?
While a background in sales is certainly of benefit, the truth is, we all sell ourselves every day! Your franchise coach will work with you to develop those skills and we can also recommend sales specific training programs if that is of interest to you.
I’m a stay-at-home Mum/Dad – can I do this too?
Absolutely! We would recommend you organize your schedule so you have some child free hours to focus on this opportunity though.
I’m retired. Can I do this part time to fund my own travel?
Of course! We recognize that every franchisee has individual needs so we will work with you to help you set your own goals whatever those may be.
What do you look for in a Franchisee?

We have a set of core values and the most important thing we look for when we build both our corporate team and our Franchise System is a good value fit. We have a fantastic company culture and work hard to ensure that culture flourishes throughout our entire network. Sales experience would be a benefit as would a good network of people who love to travel and have the means to do so in luxury.

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I’ve never been to Ireland or the UK but would love to go?
Now you can make it happen. We provide full product training across all countries and hold annual in market familiarization trips so you can experience our luxury accommodations and travel services for yourself. The first trip is included in your Franchise Fee. After that we offer one free FAM for each calendar year you achieve $750,000 in travel sales. If you achieve $1,000,000 in travel sales the same year, we will include the same FAM benefits for your spouse or partner on the same FAM trip in a shared room.
Will I be lonely?
We have online chat groups and regular team meetings via zoom plus your one to ones with your franchise coach, so while you will be working from home you will have plenty of people to contact whenever you feel the need. You’ll also be getting out and meeting your clients face to face so you will have plenty of interaction, both online and face to face.
How and when will I be paid?
Unlike many host agencies you can start earning straight away. We will pay 50% of your commission when your client books and the remainder after the guest has traveled.
How much can I make?
That depends on you and how much time and effort you put into your business. We pay a generous commission on sales, well above industry standard. We pay 40% on the margin (Gross sales less cost of sales, taxes and fees) to ensure minimum margins are met. This equates to about 14% of the Gross sale.
What is the average cost of a Trip with Sheenco Travel?
USD$5000 per person land only (we don’t book air)
Do you have Territories?
As Sheenco Travel is a home based opportunity, it’s more about your own networking capabilities (both online and real world) than where you are physically located. There are also no limits in terms of where your guests are located. As Sheenco Travel is an International company offering trips to guests all over the world – we even offer multi-currency processing so they can pay in their own currency.
How will I find leads?
We recommend you start with your own network and take every opportunity to promote your business via word of mouth and online methods. Sheenco will establish a microsite as well as social media channels for your franchised business. It will be up to you to promote your site across social media and via other networking opportunities. Your Franchise Coach will support you and offer ideas for promotional opportunities. This might include, themed events, sponsorship of golf tournaments, etc. As Sheenco excels at lead generation we also offer our online leads for purchase. We sell Send Me Info (basic information) for $15 each and Plan My Trip (more detailed trip plans) for $25 each. You will also get 5 complimentary SMI leads per week included with your monthly Brand Fee.
How many Franchisees do you have?
Our first Franchisee is located in Alaska. Samantha actually started with us as an employee but once she began booking trips, she realized that the opportunity to become a franchisee would be a better option for her. Samantha is a Military Spouse, so when she and her family are required to re-locate, she can do so without disrupting her business.
Is there a Veterans Discount?
Yes 10% for veterans/military spouses however this cannot be combined with the 50% discount to the first five franchises we award.
Do I need Employees?
We do not require or even suggest you have employees. But this is an option should you decide to do so. We suggest running your business as an owner/operator for the first 6-12 months to know all aspects of the business so when you do hire someone, you will have a complete grasp of the business to oversee any additional employees. The decision is yours and we do not hire or manage your employees.
Who will train my employees?
All individuals working in the franchised business must be trained by us. The cost for each additional person to be trained after the franchisee will be $2,500 per person.
Tell me about your training.
Our training program takes at least 6 weeks and includes in depth training on all our destinations, accommodations, attractions, software, systems and processes. We have a state-of-the-art LMS (Learning Management System) and offer on going regular coaching and support after you open for business.
How long is the term of your Franchise?
5 years with a renewal fee of $5000
Why such a niche product?
Sheenco are Luxury Travel Specialists – not travel agents. By focusing on niche destinations, we can truly be experts on those locations and plan customized trips utilizing in depth knowledge provided via our training process.


See How Happy We’ll Make Your Guests

“We just returned from our amazing trip to Ireland. The entire Sheenco team was outstanding! From accommodating all of our hotel requests to helping us connect with our driver after our flights had been delayed. We cannot say enough nice things about our driver, Jerry. He was one of the highlights of our trip. He took great care of us and was very considerate of our parents’ needs. Thank you so much for helping make my father’s dream a reality and providing such a wonderful service. I look forward to booking another trip with you soon.”

Vivian Pezet

FL, Custom Chauffeur Driven

“What an enjoyable and memorable trip we’ve had. Scotland is so beautiful and the Scots warm and welcoming. We truly had a wonderful time and can fault absolutely nothing from Sheenco. 5 Stars! I truly enjoyed our relationship along the way and cannot thank you enough for your hours of planning and work that ensured such a smooth and faultless road trip. The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo has left its impression for sure as I think of it now I still get goose bumps. A special treat for us was that Trinidad and Tobago’s regiment was also represented with limbo and steel pan! The hotels were all lovely and easy to find. The mix of history, culture, technology and nature was perfect. Thank you all so much again.”

Donna Bennet

TT, Custom Self Drive

“We couldn’t be more pleased with our trip. Everyday got better and better. Our accommodations were beyond spectacular. And the breakfast every morning was a great treat. All of you made our dream trip a time to remember. More than once we said “we are staying”. We could have spent months trying to see everything. We wouldn’t change a thing. Thank you so much for making our dream come true.”

Peter De Keles

WA, Custom Chauffeur Driven